Cantaloupe Slices and Bowl of Cantaloupe Balls

Our Cantaloupe Simply Tastes Better

Sure, you can get cantaloupe year-round, but have you noticed the exceptionally sweet flavor and aroma of some cantaloupes? If you have, chances are you were eating a melon grown in the eastern US. It’s true – all cantaloupes are not the same. Eastern cantaloupes are sweet, juicy, flavorful, and aromatic – you can smell the flavorful sweetness that will burst forth as soon as you cut into them. They ripen on the vine. They are a nice, straw color (not green). They are ready to eat right away. They are the Flavor of Sunshine and the flavor of summer.

These tasty cantaloupes are only available during the summer growing season – May through August. So, remember when it’s summertime, turn to the Flavor of Sunshine and pick up some eastern cantaloupes for your family to enjoy.

Cantaloupe Slices





During the summer months, grocery stores and local farmers markets might identify their cantaloupe as either Athena (a specific variety), eastern cantaloupe or just cantaloupe. Sometimes other varieties will even be in the same bin as eastern. But just know that if it’s summertime, and you’re east of the Rocky Mountains, and find cantaloupe with an even, straw color, that smells sweet when you pick it up, it’s an eastern cantaloupe. Eastern cantaloupes thrive in a wetter climate, which contributes to the richer flavor and sweeter taste. Because they are grown at a farm near you and are ripened on the vine, they skip traveling the country and are ready to eat when you pick them up at a grocer near you!

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