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May 2016

  • FDA Reports on Cantaloupe Safety Inspections

    After inspecting 17 operations, federal officials report that fresh cantaloupe packinghouses are generally following good agriculture practices even though tests at nine of the companies showed listeria contamination. The inspections by the Food and Drug Administration were part of the agency’s follow-up efforts after a 2011 cantaloupe-related listeria monocytogenes outbreak that sickened more than 150 nationwide […]

  • New Cantaloupe Facilities Seek to Ensure Safety

    Last year at the end of the season, Southeastern Growers Association, Kenly, N.C., updated its cantaloupe packing line to all-stainless steel and this year is the first season that the company is using the new equipment. James Sharp, grower and salesman at the Growers Association, said this “ensures the customers that Southeastern Growers is doing […]

  • ECGA Creates Consumer Food Safety Video

    The Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association and the Georgia Watermelon Association are spreading food safety education from the farm into the kitchen by developing consumer food safety videos to go in retail produce departments.

    A GDA/USDA block grant funded project, these brief, 45-second videos detail safe handling from the grocery store into the kitchen, reminding consumers to […]

  • Quote of the day

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  • Why eating seasonally and locally is better for you

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